Finally version 1.1 is released. (In the permalink it says 1.2 but that’s a mistake so don’t wonder 😉 )

The main change is the ability to set up your holidays as well. The Opening Hours now take a whole menu section because there are many settings you can change now. The Holidays Widget has been added so you can list up the holidays. And the feature that many of you requested: Individual time and date-format. Choose them among some pre-defined ones define your own. As easy as that.

And for those who want to customize from their theme files: I’ve added loads of filter hooks.

Read the documentation for more info…

NOTE: When the Overview Widget doesn’t show any times anymore but a ‘–’, you’ll have to click ‘Save Changes’ in the Settings menu, otherwise the Widget won’t know which format to use. I’ve fixed that in the latest commit but it’s not a separate update.

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  • David Dunnaway

    When i got openingshour after midnigth, it wont save it :( Will be there a new update soon?

Opening Hours Version 2.0


Finally, after three years without any updates I have released version 2.0 of the Opening Hours Plugin. It covers some of the most common feature requests like multiple Sets and it has become much more “intelligent” being aware of the

Looks a bit scary, doesn't it? Found on GIPHY