Finally there is version 1.2 of the Opening Hours Plugin coming.

What’s new:
The biggest change as for functionality are the new Special Opening Hours, a highly requested feature. These allow you to set up individual hours for certain days. For example on Christmas day your hours are 11am – 3pm though actually your opening hours on this weekdays would be 7am – 8pm. The Special Openung Hours overwrite the actual hours. This is also taken into concideration when the Plugin determines wether your venue is open or closed.

Along with this new functionality there comes the Opening Hours: Special Openings Widget that lists up all your special Openings.

What has changed:
The new versions admin sites are adjusted to WordPress 3.8. There is the brand-new timepicker by Francois Gelinas and the redesigned jQuery UI datepicker that make setting up your hours a lot easier.

Language Support:
This version is translated to English (janizde), German (janizde), Dutch (patrick), Swedish (zofz), Polish (servantez), Czech (jholasek)

If you want to join the translation team, sign up at translate.jannikportz.de and translate the string. Ask me if you need a new language set.

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Opening Hours Version 2.0


Finally, after three years without any updates I have released version 2.0 of the Opening Hours Plugin. It covers some of the most common feature requests like multiple Sets and it has become much more “intelligent” being aware of the

Captured this on my way down to a London Tube station