In the past few months there have been a lot of feature requests and at some points I realized, that many core improvements have to be made to provide a dynamic way to set up your Opening Hours.

I have decided to redevelop the Plugin from scratch. In the next weeks this will be my primary project, so stay tuned.

The main new Feature is the ability to add different sets of Opening Hours, so you can set different yours for your restaurant and your bar on the same blog. These are set up via a Custom Post Type. More features to come.

In the new version I use all possibilities of time management that PHP offers.

Here’s a sneak peak at the new view in development:


Bildschirmfoto 2014-05-21 um 22.12.56

NOTE: The minimum requirement as for your Server’s PHP version is different from the minimum requirement of the WordPress Core. Version 2.0 of the OpeningHours Plugin will require at least PHP 5.3!!

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  • Laurent

    Hi Jannik,

    I was wondering how the development of version 2.0 was going 😉 I’m developing a website for a client and something they need to be able to do is add multiple “hour sets”. Is the plugin close to the finishing stage or not? :) Or could we already try an alpha version of it perhaps?

    Sorry for being so pushing 😉 But would be nice to give our client a bit of an update about this. Thanks!!

  • Jannik Portz

    Hey Laurent, I’m almost done with version 2.0. You can find the development repository here: https://github.com/janizde/WP-Opening-Hours
    Please mind that this one currently only supports English and German. Most features should actually work but I haven’t done any testing. The basic Opening Hours functionality should work, though I officially don’t recommend you to use this in a production environment 😉 I’ll write another post when the Plugin is ready for beta testing and translations.

    • Laurent

      Hi Jannik,

      That’s great news to hear! Thanks for the update.

      • Jannik Portz

        Btw, the converter module, which converts data from the old version to data for the new version doesn’t work yet. Just for the record, if plan to test it.

      • Jannik Portz

        Beta is now available: http://bit.ly/1GblrCN

  • Jannik Portz

    Please beta test version 2.0: http://bit.ly/1GblrCN

  • Samuel Dahinden

    @jannikportz:disqus Do you still work on this Plugin?

Opening Hours Version 2.0


Finally, after three years without any updates I have released version 2.0 of the Opening Hours Plugin. It covers some of the most common feature requests like multiple Sets and it has become much more “intelligent” being aware of the

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