Finally there is a new beta version available for Opening Hours 2.0 and again, a lot has changed!

You can find the current beta version on the master branch in the GitHub repository. Before using the version from the repository you will have to perform the steps described in the section Clone from GitHub Repository in the docs

You can also download a pre-built version here: Opening Hours 2.0 beta 2

Some translatable strings have changed so please have a look at GlotPress or send a pull request with your translations. Here you can find more detailed information on contributing to translations.

Please report errors at GitHub

Please also note that there now is a detailed documentation on all shortcodes and widgets

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  • don´t work for me. i can´t add new Holidays or any new business time

  • Works really good. But how can i change the language to German??

Opening Hours Version 2.0


Finally, after three years without any updates I have released version 2.0 of the Opening Hours Plugin. It covers some of the most common feature requests like multiple Sets and it has become much more “intelligent” being aware of the

Looks a bit scary, doesn't it? Found on GIPHY