• 10:32 CEST: fixed new Set creation
  • 22:30 CEST: fixed short php opening tags in Irregular Opening meta box that made Irregular Openings not save with some php configurations

Opening Hours 2.0 beta 3 is now available and will probably be the last beta release before the final release of 2.0 after over 3 years without updates.

You can get beta3…

Please also be aware that plugin translation now takes place at translate.wordpress.org as stated in the docs

Changes in the new beta version include:

  • fixed show_closed_days option in Overview shortcode / widget
  • textdomain has changed from opening-hours to wp-opening-hours
  • removal of translation files in favor of translate.wordpress.org
  • support for WordPress start_of_week setting in datepickers, Opening Hours Meta Box and Overview Shortcode
  • translated weekday names in datepicker
  • removal of current set mechanism
  • added deprecated implementation of is_open and is_closed in favor of backwards compatibility
  • Next open period in Is Open widget / shortcode is now aware of Irregular Openings
  • improved highlighting of current period in compressed overviews
  • faster and more flexible retrieval of data for Overview widget / shortcode
  • decoupled Sets from custom post type ‘set’
  • added SetProvider API to retrieve sets more flexibly

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  • webnik

    Hi Jannik – I currently find this plugin breaks the visual editor in WP 4.6.1. I’ve narrowed it down to Opening Hours 1.2 via a thread on Yoast’s Github. Do you anticipate 2.0 resolving this problem and is the current beta safe enough to install on a live site? Many thanks, Nik

    • Jannik Portz

      hi webnik, version 2.0 is completely new so I think this error should not be persistent when upgrading. It is indeed a beta version, so I actually I would not recommend you installing it in production. However beta 3 ist basically the “Golden Master” release and major bugs have already been fixed in updates to beta3, so there won’t be many changes until the final release

      • webnik

        Hi Jannik, thanks for the reply. I’ll proceed with caution. If I delete and replace the plugin folder, will the data in database pull through automatically, or do I need to start from the beginning with the new version? Have CSS classes changed or will the modifications I’ve made (via my theme) still apply?

        • Jannik Portz

          It should be converted to the new data model once the new plugin loads and detects old data. Note that there is no module available converting the data back to 1.2 data. The classes have changed a bit, as now all shortcodes and widgets can be displayed as a table or data list so you might adjust your selectors

          • webnik

            Hi Jannik, the data came through perfectly and the CSS classes were easy to modify. It’s fixed my visual editor as expected. Thank you very much! (I used the live version from the repository rather than the final beta.)

        • Jannik Portz

          Please also tell me if it has worked converting the data to the new version

Opening Hours Version 2.0


Finally, after three years without any updates I have released version 2.0 of the Opening Hours Plugin. It covers some of the most common feature requests like multiple Sets and it has become much more “intelligent” being aware of the

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